We at Ambiance U Desire is also known for our decorating your events. We have had the pleasure of having several certified balloon artist on staff for over ten years now.

Our designer studied, and mastered the art of creating wonderful balloon designs. They work with you to make your imagination run wild. As a matter of fact the name has changed but the concept/designs, and styles are all the same.

Some of you know our team as "Imaginative Gift Baskets, LLC & Balloon Bouquets. Well they are here with us, and love each moment of it. We create all types of packages for you. You can even combine your floral package, with a decor package to save you not only time, but money also.

Not only do they do balloons, centerpieces, and secondline umbrella's, and favors they design the event around you and what you want. When you get a chance please look at the photo gallery and see just a portion of the work being done by them.

We take pride in bringing you quality people, and work.

The type of items that are done by this decorating team are:

Balloon Bouquets, Arches

Head Table Decor/Table Centerpieces

Ceremony Arrangements

Colunms/Back Drops

Party/Banquet Decorations

Party Favors/Second Line Umbrella's

Grand Opening Celebrations/Red Carpet Decor

Social & Pleasure Club Specials

& More.....

"Whatever, you Imagine, we Got It!" 


You can still visit there sub page:  

to view even more photo's and learn more about the things that they can do for you.