Trade Shows:

We here at Ambiance U Desire is pleased to announce the newest additional service offered to the Louisiana area.

We are now producing trade shows. These trade shows are unique because they appeal to all markets.

When we say all we mean all markets. With these types of markets we focus on exploring, and giving exposure to all the small businesses in the area.

All of our small businesses we work with now are able to get the word out about their services to the masses.


They can market to not only brides, but other businesses that my need their services. The trade shows are held twice a year and they theme change from one show to the next.

As the show grows, you grow. We will be services all types of small businesses at these trade shows. The caterer, DJ, Photographer, Wedding/Event Planners, Bridal Shops, Florist, Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Musicians/Bands, and more.....

So if you are a small business, or a know a small business who would want to get in on these shows please give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to place you on the list of vendors. Not only will you stay connected to the outside world, but they will be able to connect with you.


Upcoming Trade Shows:

March 2013 ------TBA

October 2013 -----TBA

April 2014 ----- TBA

More details coming soon.

Join the list today, what do you have to lose!!!